Assessment Unit

Assessment unit

The Assessment Unit supports the Secondary Fair Access Panel in line with the Fair Access Protocol. It consists of one teacher and one teaching assistant.

The protocol is a document that details how Dudley MBC will work to provide a school place as quickly and sympathetically as possible. This is so that the amount of time a child is out of education is reduced, children with challenging needs are accommodated fairly and that all schools in the area accept a fair share of pupils. You can request a copy of the Fair Access Protocol if you wish.

The Dudley Area is split up into 4 Township Panels that meet once per month. These Panels are Dudley North, Stourbridge, Halesowen and Brierley Hill. There is also a Borough wide panel that meets at the end of each month to discuss any unplaced children.

The Schools covered by each Township are as follows:

Dudley North: Ellowes Hall Sports College, The Dormston School, Beacon Hill Academy, St. James Academy  and Bishop Milner

Stourbridge: Ridgewood High School, Redhill School, Thorns Community College, Old Swinford Hospital School and Pedmore Technology College.

Halesowen: Earls High School, Leasowes Community College, The Link Acadmey and Windsor High School.

Brierley Hill: The Kingswinford School, The Crestwood School, The Wordsley School, Pegasus Academy and Summerhill School.

During the Panel meeting the representatives from each school (usually the Headteacher) in the area discuss the placement of children within their school. If further information is required to ease the transition to the new school, the student will come to the Assessment Unit. A detailed assessment process will be carried out and a comprehensive written report provided to the receiving school.

The assessments are not tests. They are for information about your child’s academic levels and more about them as learners. The outcome of the placement in a school is not reliant on how they perform during these assessments. It will however, help the Panel to decide which school can provide the best environment for your child to learn in.

The assessment process takes between 3 and 5 three hour sessions. Details of these sessions are provided in the induction pack. We have provided a more detailed description of each assessment for your child to read in an additional letter to help put their mind at rest as we understand this could be a big transition for them. Please share this letter with them and any queries can be raised at any point.

We will look at assessing Maths, English and Science through a variety of methods including computer based and paper based assessments. These results will be analysed and they will help the school to put your child into the relevant set so that the work is appropriate for their working level. We will also take time to assess how your child learns. We will ask what they like and dislike. The findings of which will be placed into a list of recommendations. However, we cannot promise that all recommendations are put into place by the receiving school.

Once the report has been filed to the receiving school, the Schools Admissions Service will contact you within 5 working days of the meeting.

Val Harris Assessment Unit Coordinator
01384 814663
Claire McEwen Assessment Unit Teaching Assistant

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